Sunday, March 06, 2016

of birds, butterflies and the gallant horse

Not knowing how I'd cope after sending Sute-chan off, I invited Dora over for dinner. It's been some time since I met up with her, and I thought a little catching up would be good.

I made some simple kurma chicken served with rice, she brought over pasta salad and choc crackers. I decided to let her try Oyundari's leftover Mozart Chocolate Cream and the remainder Sawanotsuru umeshu from Sute-chan.

It was quite fun trying to learn each other's recipes and pairing liquor with food. I tell people here that alcohol is usually reserved for special occasions, and that we don't have a drinking culture in Malaysia. While I think I've grown more adventurous with trying out various cocktails, I don't think I'll ever match the levels of the Japanese and Koreans, or even Brits and Aussies!

Thankfully the highlight of the evening was our exchanging stories and prayers for each other. Her gift of revelation and warm touch while laying hand on me was something I noted down in my journal. I was glad my struggles past year had given her some encouragement for her current situation. If it was any help to her, I'd be so grateful to have learnt some lessons through my own trials.

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