Saturday, April 23, 2016

kit kat galore, over the past year!

Even though I've lived here so many years, I can't believe there's still new Kit Kat flavours to be savoured.

I got this from Sute-chan during the summer of last year and I did open them up to try at first. Then I realised I was supposed to "bake" them for better enjoyment.

So I decided to keep it for a bit later when the weather got chilly, I was imagining some hot puffy pie coming out of the oven in a winter day would be something to look forward to.

It said I should place it in an oven, with a tray. What a cute illustration on the cover to teach me how to eat this Kit Kat.

It didn't get crispy brown like it was supposed to, it just melted and became a bit crunchy. But, still interesting enough this variety.

I got some more other new flavours from colleagues at work. The above one is quite a famous variety - Uji matcha flavour from Kyoto, while the bottom is the Kobe pudding flavour.

This series "オトナの甘さ", literally translated as "adult sweetness", I think is a less sweeter version of the usual Kit Kat. To be honest, I don't quite like sweet stuff too much, but happen to receive lots of candies and chocolates perhaps because people think grrls like such confectionery. There is another flavour under this, which is the dark/bitter chocolate.

I feel with its emphasis on the featured flavour and not so much of sugar, it highlights the actual taste. This one with seasonal raspberry had the right tinge of sour sweetness.

When the team I was working with left for Tokyo, they were given these special message Kit Kats. It seems you can personalise your own Kit Kats with photo and text, perhaps a nice gesture for special events. The flavour is the standard chocolate wafer in chocolate coating.

This following one is also similar to the above, where there is some special messages embossed into the wafers.

I think this was made as encouragement notes for those who were going to sit for their university entrance examinations.

There are about 15 different type of messages in these Kit Kats, and consumers are encouraged to find all of them as part of the fun. I didn't realise it until I almost finished the last pack! I managed to capture "強い気持ちで" and "自信を持って:)", which translated to "Strong will power" and "Have confidence".

I think the last time I had an alcoholic Kit Kat was many years ago - the rum & raisin variety. I was quite delighted to find another one - Japanese sake (日本酒).

Everytime I get one of these special edition Kit Kats, I can't seem to get enough of it! This one even has a special packaging inside. The alcohol content is really low (only 0.8%), and it states to keep away from kids!

To be honest, it tasted a little like white chocolate, but with a slight sake flavour. Not my favourite drink, but I guess I gotta take a bit of liking while I'm here!

I think I have one more special one in the fridge... that will be a special treat :)

For other Kit Kat flavours found only in the land of the rising sun :
1) Plum soda, mango pudding, sports drink
2) Easter-themed bunny printed
3) Pineapple, orange, banana, fruit parfait
4) Halloween-themed pumpkin pudding
5) Roasted soy bean flour on rice ball, complete vege, ginger ale, English afternoon tea, cookie and roasted sweet potato
6) Wasabi, raspberry & passion fruit, thick soybean flour, strawberry cheese cake, strawberry, banana
7) Niigata special pear
8) White chocolate, vanilla ice-cream, sport-related, Japanese green tea

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