Monday, April 04, 2016

what an easter this year

It's been quite a memorable Easter Sunday. I've been trying to get a hold of Masami-san since before my birthday, but found out that she was not in Japan then. She had just arrived few weeks ago and would only be around for 2 weeks before flying back to Singapore. 

I thought, if she couldn't make it for church, we could spend some time at my place. So I made some kurma chicken (I still have lots of the powder left!), hoping she would have missed some Malaysian food. Alas, in my haste I had forgotten to add one of the most important ingredient - fortunately it wasn't too late to add the salt even after it had been cooked :D 

Was glad that I was able to see her, since she was not permitted to visit Malaysia for awhile due to her accidental previous overstay. Cindy has left for Chicago, and I was a little worried she might still be depressed

It was very nice of her to bring many gifts - which she shouldn't have! I've always admired her for having such strength and vitality despite being a grandmother, able to go around starting Yosakoi groups and teaching traditional Japanese dance lessons. (Good reminder to take the stairs more often!)

She enjoyed the hula dance at the beginning of the church service, though I was amused to find her nodding during the sermon. Maybe the message was more for me, and I couldn't help but be reminded (just a little) about the "log in my eye". 

I was glad that Dora was able to join for dinner after that, at a chain restaurant that I used to frequent back in Tokyo. So it was quite nostalgic to be able to savour some healthy Japanese food while catching up with old friends.  

I came home to a lovely package of premium potato chips, an elegantly wrapped box of pineapple tarts, and the remainder of the freshest fruit cakes - how can I not be reminded that He would provide? 

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