Monday, July 26, 2004


Effects of hazy days in the Peninsular :

1) Foreign lumps and bumps on otherwise quite-smooth face, also known as pimples

2) White particles on scalp, usually with some itch, could be dandruff

3) 1 & 2 resulting in deterioration of image and reputation of affected individual

4) More people coughing and sniffing, adding unnecessary bonus to current air quality

5) 4 resulting in a cycle of sick people who become even sicker and sicker as cycle goes another round before affected individuals have a chance to recover

6) Combination of 1+2+4 resulting in ghastly looking people who cough away nonstop

7) Feel as if one's in Genting Highlands, everything looks misty and romantic

8) Less sunlight beaming through clouds, making it feel as if one's really in Genting, especially when aircond in office reaches subzero temperatures

9) Comination of 1+2+4+8 resulting in pale looking individuals who huddle in thick sweaters stiffling their coughs

10) Overall effect --> Very unconducive working environment for people caught in the vicious cycle where no immediate cure is to be found, unless one takes a long holiday away in some place warm and green. I'm thinking of another holiday trip! :D

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