Monday, April 10, 2006

greetings from the land of the rising sun

konnichiwa babes ^ hunks,

apologies for the typo, not used to japanese keyboard. the characters are quite different from what im used to.

anyways, thought of dropping a note to let you guys know how things have been. i would really like to write more. in fact, ive been keeping a sorta journal in my own laptop. but because im at a seniors room accessing the internet using his laptop, i have to make do with this.

we had to do our alien registration card so that we can do everything else like our bank account, postal account, phone line, handphone and other important things. guess its just like an IC for foreigners.

for the meantime, i will just link you to aldens blog. hes the other malaysian who came to niigata uni with me. in fact, the pictures that i have in my imagestation are courtesy of him. i will need to get my own camera later. hoping to get a pretty good model soon.

will update more when i can. muakx!

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