Wednesday, June 29, 2011

windy city p2

training has been quite well, with lots of relevant nuggets that could be applied at work.

luggage still not located.

think i'm still having jet lag. feeling sleepy and tired, maybe i just need to sleep more to catch up on all those previous weeks of late nights.

everyone tells me to cheer up and to treat it as a shopping excuse. but it's difficult when its not just your clothes, shoes, toiletries are missing, but clothes on loan from a friend, and also accessories which were gifts from friends. worse still, gifts wrapped in love from my aunt and uncle meant for my cousin.

even if i get reimbursement, i can't get those exact same items back, it would just be too much hassle. not to mention the countless calls i've been making trying to get help on this.

the upside to this is the abundant food we have on campus. yes it really does feel like being back in school with timetables, lecturers, classrooms and attendance sheet!

the weather is lovely too, made me miss japan all over again. like how the skin touches the cold porcelain of the toilet bowl, those who've experienced heated toilet seats would appreciate that nifty japanese invention!

if not for the multiple trips i've had to make to the shopping mall, i would have loved to go outdoors, do a bit of cycling & photography and just enjoy the spring weather.

but i'll take what i can get - the opportunity to be in a totally new continent, having travelled for more than 24 hours, making friends from all over the world, being surrounded by food, and the ability to learn and discover.

i'm still very blessed.


Crowned Fish said...

Don't forget to go to Cheesecake Factory!

Yap! It's 3088.. said...

How long would you be there?

§nóflèk said...

crowned fish : this is the 2nd time you mentioned that - noted! :)

yap : will be here for another week. you coming ka??