Sunday, October 17, 2010

kit in braces

Little did we know, the half-broken front tooth was actually a blessing in disguise.

My brother whose mouth is quite small has been having crooked teeth for years. He was supposed to have done his braces a looong time ago, just like I did mine in my teens. But not being vain, he thought it was just a waste of money.

I had to convince him that it wasn't a matter of frivolous spending, and that it was necessary "beauty". Crooked teeth attracts dirt in between hard to reach spaces, and really, it's more of a health concern than anything else.

I for one, have always been grateful for my dad who used to be government servant, because I got mine done for close to no cost at all. I'm a living testimony of the wonders of orthodontics, and it's the sole reason for my best (and prolly one and only) asset :)

When my brother paid a visit to the dentist after the incident, the dentist was alarmed at the condition of his teeth. I myself have been surprised that despite not really taking care of his teeth for years, they are still intact. Whereas, even in my best effort to brush, floss and do regular scaling, I have relatively sensitive teeth. It's not surprising because he had breast milk as a baby.

So after much encouragement from the family, he's decided to go ahead with the procedure. It's a big step for him, knowing how simple a guy he is, with little wants and all. I guess he's concerned that not many adults do braces, and he would have to forgo his favourite steak dishes for abit.

To show how much we really wanted him to take better care of his health, my dad and I have told him we'd sponsor his RM10k dental treatment. It was all in good timing, because today is his birthday, and I'd want nothing better than to see my brother with a better healthy smile.


classyadele said...

omfg!!! that's the whole mouth then. How long does he have to wear the braces for?

§nóflèk said...

well usually it takes about 2 years but apparently this latest procedure may be faster (hence the pricetag!)

classyadele said...

whoa.....good stuff! Damnit...which reminds me...i have to get my teeth done too... lol but no money yet la.... vanity would have to wait!

§nóflèk said...

eh, you mean your crown - what's the status now? it's definitely cheaper to do it back home. so in the meantime, have to be careful when chewing :)