Wednesday, July 16, 2008

100% cure for migraine

My Singaporean colleague has the smartest ideas sometimes. He's always thinking from a big-picture perspective when it comes to work and his replies on work-related emails come forth as wise and yet not condescending.

Due to the distance, most of our discussions are done through Skype. I had a bit of problem getting what he had to say that day because of my pounding headache, and I blamed it on the summer heat. So I just casually mentioned it to him since I didn't want to use it as an excuse to divert from the work ahead of us. To my surprise he decided to share with me this cure.

He says: i got instant remedy for migraines.... works 100% of the time

I say: knock my head on the wall

He says: why would u want to do that?... we don't want to damage any wall do we?

He says: the solution is simple

I say: and that is?

He says: slowly tilt your head all the way back

He says: now tilt your head slowly forward...

He says: all the way down till your chin touches your neck

He says: take your index finger and mark that point where your chin touches your neck

He says: now with both hands, using your index fingers and thumbs, clasp your all the way round your neck at that point where your chin touches your neck

I say: and strangle myself

He says: now slowly look up walk to your favourite butcher... and ask him to chop off whatever is above your hands

I say: here no butcher

He says: 100% cure

He says: then find a samurai

I say: oi

He says: I'm certain it is a 100% cure

He says: I've never met a headless person who complained of migraines before

I say: :P

He says: there's only 1 problem with the solution

He says: it is quite difficult to find your way back home after the remedy

I say: hahaah

He says: also you will have trouble wearing ear rings

I say: -_-'

I did say he has the smartest ideas sometimes.

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