Friday, July 11, 2008

spoonful of home

Having a friend from Malaysia visit is like tasting the goodness of a home-cooked meal in one spoon. You look forward to it because you know how good it tastes, and you haven't had a meal like that in ages. But you only get 1 spoonful, and you better savour it as best as you can. You take it in slowly and wish the taste could linger on, and you imagine that one spoonful can fill your hunger.

Just like this delicious plate of char kuew teow, the last time I had it was last summer when I brought my parents around Tokyo. This was the best Malaysian restaurant I literally stumbled upon, it's found in upper-class Ginza. That's probably the equivalent of Knightsbridge in London or Fifth Avenue in New York, so a plate of it cost about Y1,260*. But just like that spoonful of home-cooked food, no matter how little or how expensive you still take it in coz the only way you're gonna get the real deal is to fly back home.

*Y1,260+ can buy you 10 plates of freshly cooked char kuew teow complete with Chinese sausage, fried oysters and juicy bean sprouts, all served on a piece of fragrant banana leaf (even after the increase in fuel!)

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