Sunday, July 06, 2008

the krazier parts of tokyo

And today I played host again. :D

Alvin, who's working with NTT obviously has had some opportunities to come to Japan. The last time the offer was given to him, he had to turn it down because of ministry commitments. So after my staying here for more than 2 years, he's finally here. What joy!

GAP Church already had a picnic & aquarium visit yesterday, and after that I was spending some time with Hyun over dinner & shopping so I was pretty tired after yesterday. But since today would be the only chance I'd get to bring Alvin around, I woke up earlier than usual and brought him to the kraziest parts of Tokyo.

Morning was spent at Harajuku. It's slightly different this time around compared to when I brought Chikbu few months back. In April, it was still quite cool being mid-spring so walking around was pleasant and cosplay characters were out almost in full force. Live bands performed all along the pedestrian path outside of Yoyogi Park, and we took our time enjoying the teenyboppy part of Tokyo.

Now though being early summer was hot & more humid than in Malaysia, so those who came out to play and perform were slightly lesser. Less percussion drummers at the fountain, less music at the rims of the park, less Gothic & Lolita dressers at the bridge near the station, less dogs taken out for walks. But the flea market is still there. In fact, it seemed that the theme this time was ethnic, there were scores of stalls selling anything from African cajon drums to Ayurveda ointments, from Thai beach dresses to Australian didgeridoos.

Afternoon was spent at Ochanomizu, which is supposedly a heaven for guitar lovers. In fact, Alvin said that his trip was accomplished just by visiting the guitar shops here. He was looking for an Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II. I managed to learn a bit more about electric & bass guitars and am wondering if I should get myself a classical to refresh my skills rusty knowledge of whatever chords and strums I had learned before!

After church, Bryan & I tried to bring him to the red-light district more interesting parts of Shinjuku. It must be the summer heat, not many erm, male escorts were to be seen. Apparently, they stand near the Kabuki-cho area at the inner intersections, all dressed smartly with dyed hair styled up, offering their services to ladies passing by. But nevertheless, he enjoyed the lights and sights of krazy Tokyo. In his own words, Tokyo is "mind-boggling"!

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