Sunday, July 27, 2008

up becoz of teh tarik

It's almost 4am and I'm awake typing this. Must be that teh tarik I had at the Malaysian restaurant. We were trying to satisfy our cravings for some good ol' nasi lemak. And while we were at it, we were also promoting to our friends this "pulled tea" which is a must-try at mamak stalls.

I'm really tired, really wanna sleep, but I can't. I was rolling around in bed. Might as well do something productive. Like blogging. Heh, who am I kidding. I'll be tempted to blog-surf then.

Maybe I should be reading the census records or the stages in Israel's journey in the book of Numbers counting sheep. Or do laundry. No, I can't, that will wake everyone in the house up. Reading will be good, I'm quite sure that will help. Oh wait, I'll try drinking warm milk.

I hope I'm not having insomnia. That will be scary. I love my sleep. Can't live without it. Dang that teh tarik. I should have known better than to drink that at night. Reminder to self : Teh tarik is a tea. Tea has tannin. And sometimes caffeine too. You're not in Malaysia anymore, supper doesn't work the same way in Japan. That's why Malaysians are getting fatter eating too much and Japanese are so slim.

In a less than an hour the sun will be up. Yes, this is the land of the rising sun, remember? Quick, drink up your milk and go to sleep!

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