Wednesday, October 01, 2008

intriguing, this plant

So land is abundant in Australia. Houses are huge and gardens are everywhere. Australians, I heard, are overtaking the Americans in being the most obese people in the world. I have not been to America, but coming from Japan, I felt like the most petite and slimmest when I'm Down Under.

Everything seems to come in XXXL sizes. Even their fauna is huge. Malaysia has their rafflesia, and Australia has this. I tried asking Tze what this flower was, since there was a tall one just outside his house, and he has no idea!

They tower over 2 meters tall and it was quite impossible for me to get a good shot. However, there were some which seemed to be leaning down as if too heavy, and I managed to get a closer look at the petals.

They looked kinda complicated, with the top part resembling the slim multipetals of a chrysanthemum, surrounded by thicker sepals almost like that of a pineapple. With that height and size, I can almost imagine them turning into man-eating plants ready to extend their stalk and gobble up those who dare to pluck them off their stems, if not for the delicate filaments sprouting all over their heads.

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