Sunday, October 19, 2008

mama goes digital

It just hit me this morning that my Mama is actually using the Net! We've been trying to get her to use the computer for ages, but to no avail. We offered to teach her, bribe guide her and even make an email account for her, and yet she still goes on life in the analog world.

Sometime in May this year, I can't remember who but someone did actually help her set up a Yahoo mail account. Must be the church office where she's working, coz everyone in the family uses Gmail. In my mails back home, Papa and Kit are usually on the receiver list. Adding Mama's email address was like welcoming a new member to the family.

She was quiet for most of the time. I guess she must have been trying to get a hang of the computer, making sense of the big World Wide Web (though I actually have not asked if she uses anything apart from her email!) and figuring out applications which we all can't live without.

And one day, this came into my mailbox - Mama's first email!

Not too long after that, I had add requests from her on Yahoo Messenger and Skype too.

She was only online at work, and since I have separate IM accounts at work, I was not able to chat with her. So the first time I was able to properly do so was when I took leave just before my flight to Australia.

As if her hands are not already full in the analog world, such is part of her work at the church, now she's making herself more contactable in the digital as well! I highly doubt she'll get addicted to the Internet, but this is proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

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