Saturday, December 13, 2008

yoyogi enchants again

When I was in Sydney, Esther & Jo brought me to Bondi Beach. I'll never forget the sweeping view of the turquoise waters as we descended from the main road which was just a stone's throw from the beach.

When the email came from Esther about them coming to Tokyo, I was elated. Not only would I be able to return the favour to bring them to my territory and show them what a different world Tokyo is to Sydney, but having Malaysian guests is like having a piece of home just for awhile.

They started the 1st leg of their 2nd honeymoon in Kyoto and proceeded up to Hakone for an evening of hot springs and fresh mountain air before ending up in Tokyo. One of the best places to visit on a Sunday morning is the Yoyogi Park. With such beautiful weather, it was almost a sin not to enjoy the beauty of the fall foliage.

I have Shok to thank for introducing me to this little respite nestled in the middle of urban Tokyo. Indeed, it's an excellent place to rewind no matter the season of the year. Esther & Jo loved it too, as is evident in the park visitors who've all come to bask in the autumn sun's rays.

Many avid photographers came fully equipped to take opportunity of the crisp weather. There was even a fashion photoshoot taking place as we walked towards the gingko trees. We were not allowed to take any pictures of that, so we decided to have our own photoshoot instead.

Just as we were goofing around with poses and whatnots, an elder Japanese man came towards us and asked if we could pose for him! There was a certain arrangement that he particularly wanted and I was not sure if I heard him correct the first time.

But as I talked to him, I found out it was exactly as what I heard earlier. Esther & Jo had to stare into each other's eyes as lovingly as they could for at least 10 minutes while I pretended to be the photographer. Behind me was the Japanese man, snapping away from a lower angle. We couldn't help laughing while we posed for him, because at one point Esther commented that her eyes were getting tired!

After thanking us, he went on his way, taking more pictures of the park and its visitors. We took our time walking beneath the gingko trees, as smelly as it was, and that reminded me of my first picnic in Tokyo not too long ago. The sun was just as bright, children and their parents were out playing, and the leaves in their golden hues had come out in full force again.

As I brought them towards the lake, we spotted a rainbow at the fountain. We had to quickly take advantage of it as the rotating sprout made it difficult to get the widest rainbow from where we stood. But still, it made for a pretty sight on an already splendid day out.

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