Monday, December 22, 2008

peekabo, christmas' just a few days away!

The air is polluted. Stuffy to say the least. I think I'm gonna sneeze.

Traffic jam at shopping malls. Guess recession has not hit this part of the world yet.

Food's spicy, oily and not the healthiest in the world.

Grrlfriends say I speak with an accent. What accent?? It's English.

The ceiling seems very high for some reason. Not used to so much space.

Parking attendants baffle me with their manners and attitude. I think the Japanese will faint if they try parking downtown.

Some people say I look the same, and I don't wonder if they're trying to flatter me.

The fridge's full of delicious yummy food. Whatever my craving calls for, it's just a flight of stairs away.

And I know I'm H.O.M.E.

And home is where I am this Christmas.

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