Thursday, April 02, 2009

東大で卒業した振りをした tokyo university

I wished I had studied at a school which had architecture like this.

Both my universities in Malaysia and Niigata were fairly modern compared to those which had hundreds of years of history and legacy. I was the pioneer batch when I entered MMU to do my Bachelor's degree, and IUJ had just celebrated its 25th anniversary the year I graduated.

Coming in from the main entrance of Tokyo University, the path leading to the clock tower is lined with towering trees on both sides.

I had casually mentioned that I would like to visit 東大 (Toudai - short for Tokyo University) one day just to have a feel of its grounds. The Hongo campus is just a stone's throw away from GAP, and I've walked past the campus on several occasions when on the way to church. So, Oppa and Yuri invited me to have lunch with them.

I would might have felt more inspired if I had come to study in such a university like this. Coming from newer universities, being in 東大 reminds me of Harry Potter in the Hogwarts School where columned porticos, palladian windows and aged brick walls could be found.

I think having a graduation ceremony and a picture taken with your graduation robe with this as a background would have conveyed a sense of academic elitism, more so when it's a university which has a reputation of being an ivory tower in the Japanese circles.

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