Saturday, April 11, 2009

in the grip of His grace

I've just finished reading Max Lucado's In the Grip of Grace. I like his style of writing, very easy to read and not difficult to finish in a day. However, I wanted to allow the message to sink in, so I read the book a chapter at a time. For some reason, this took me months even though there are only 17 chapters altogether.

As many readers have testified, Max is like a modern-day story teller, using parables to illustrate his points. The subject of grace has been written by many, as it's one of the most important stakes of the Christian faith. A seemingly simple concept, some people have had a hard time comprehending and accepting it. Grace - God's Redemption At Christ's Expense.

The first page of the last chapter read as below.

"Good, I'm glad you're sitting by me. Sometimes I throw up."

Not exactly what you like to hear from the airline passenger in the next seat. Before I had time to store my bag in the overhead compartment, I knew his name, age, and itinerary. "I'm Billy Jack. I'm fourteen, and I'm going home to see my daddy." I started to tell him my name, but he spoke first.

"I need someone to look after me. I get confused a lot."

He told me about the special school he attended and the medication he took. "Can you remind me to take my pill in a few minutes?" Before we buckled up he stopped the airline attendant. "Don't forget about me," he told her. "I get confused."

The chapter continues on with Max's brief experience with Jack as his neighbour on the plane.

Jack shared with Max sound tracks from The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and The Lion King.

Jack bragged about how he could make noises with his mouth to sound like the ocean.

Jack asked Max if cloud could hit the ground.

And everytime a flight attendant passed by, he would tell them "Don't forget to look after me."

And everytime a flight attendant brought drinks or food, he would tell them "Don't forget to look after me."

As Max sat next to Jack who apologised for spilling some of his soda, he compared Jack to the rest of the passengers. None of them asked for help like Jack did. They were grownups. Sophisticated. Self-reliant. Seasoned travelers. Most did not even listen to the emergency landing instructions given out by the flight attendants.

While Max was halfway writing In the Grip of Grace, he remembered Billy Jack. He would have understood the idea of grace. He knew what it was like to place himself totally in the care of someone else. He was not ashamed to admit his weakness and ask for help. He knew he needed assistance, and he knew where to get it.

Are you firmly in the grip of His grace?

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