Wednesday, April 08, 2009

hanami at edogawa park

I've been to Yoyogi Park so many times I think I know it like the back of my hand. It's a great place to bring guests especially on Sundays when the Cosplay community come out and dress in their favourite anime characters.

However, for a change, I wanted something different and a bit nearer to where I stay. Since I needed to get groceries, I decided to stop by Edogawa Park on the way to the supermarket. It was mid-afternoon and the sun was still shining brightly.

Cherry blossoms were already in full bloom and most of the trees at the park were drooping over to the river below. From the bridge, it looked as if the branches were too heavy laden with the flowers to hold them any longer.

With the soft breeze blowing by, it made for some good walk after lunch. Every time the wind blew, the petals would drop from their receptacles and slowly float onto the river. Too bad there's no gondola down there, if not it would be raining pink petals.

In fact, as the river slowly winded itself through the city, millions of tiny petals could be seen floating on the surface of the water. With the sun shining from above, sometimes the petals would even gleam from below, as if some had specks of magic.

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