Friday, October 16, 2009

dedicated to me?

Everything about it had seemed random.

While glancing through the latest trend in blogs-turned-online shops in Malaysia, I found one that carried Japanese style clothes and decided to check it out. I was quite surprised that they managed to sell at affordable prices.

Since I liked what Torrey's Culture had to offer, I decided to drop them a note. Plus, I found their blog rather cute too.

Customer rapport and quality of service are 2 very essential elements that distinguish a memorable company from an ordinary one. Some blogshops do it for the sake of money, some as a side hobby, while some do it out of interest. It's not that difficult to spot based on the design, layout, tone of message conveyed, and overall brand image (if there is one in the first place).


Torrey was prompt and polite with responses, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning. And I thought I was the only one still up at that hour.

One day, I happened to see her online (since Google mail automatically adds contacts who are also using the same email service), and decide to just buzz her for a quick clarification.

The initial part was like any other conversation between a seller and a potential customer. As I was requesting to be notified of good deals, somehow she shared that she was doing this out of passion and in fact, their profits for these few months would go to fund the christmas play at my alma mater.

We quickly realised that we're both from MMU and call ourselves a CF'er. Such a small world! That explained why she was also still up, the luxury of being a student.

Too bad I couldn't chat much with her as I was famished from hunger. As we were saying goodbye, she asked me to check out their blog. I was pleasantly surprised to see what she had to write about that little conversation we had. <3 Aww, thanks Torrey, you made my day too!

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