Tuesday, October 13, 2009

kinnaree thai restaurant

Desperately hungry and worn out after a good race, we decided to check out the nearest place for lunch. It was already almost 2am by the time the corporate prayer and worship ended at PJEFC. Since Alvin and Jacquelyn had to leave, the 4 of us went ahead to Jaya One which was just across the road.

I'm glad I managed to convince them to try out this classy restaurant called Kinnaree because most of the eating places were offering either fast food or run-of-the-mill type of dishes. They were skeptical at first, thinking such an exotic looking restaurant would usually translate to exorbitant prices and petite servings.

However, they had a few promotions which seemed rather reasonable. We took one of the Weekender Treats for 6. Yes, we were that hungry. Still I cautioned them not to order extra until we see what they had to offer.

True to my instincts, Kinnaree did not disappoint. In fact, they all agreed that it was much better than expected, and they would definitely come back again. Furthermore, we had to force ourselves to finish the last morsel of food because it was simply too much!

In no particular order, because all the food came together.

Tom Yam Chicken
(us grrls had the medium spicy while the guys had super-spicy, everyone was sniffling drinking this. if only my tongue was not so japanised!)

Papaya Salad
(had the right combination of sweet tangy taste, perfect as starters)

Green Curry Chicken
(have always loved green curry, this one could be drunk like soup!)

Deep Fried Fish in Tamarind Sauce
(my personal favourite, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. great as noon snacks too)

Stir-Fried Morning Glory
(can somone tell me if this is actually kangkung because i thought kangkung was watercress *yes, water morning glory IS kangkung!)

Stir-Fried Squid in Thai Chili Paste
(squid ain't exactly what I would order myself, but this one was soft and chewy enough)

Thai Style Tofu
(another personal favourite too, even though it was japanese tofu)

We were all very stuffed! What a perfect way to end the day (even though it was in the afternoon), with delicious filling food and a soothing ambience. Give us a pillow and we'd float to slumberland there and then.

Food : 8.5/10*
Service : 8.5/10**
Ambience : 8/10

* The chicken in the tomyam was almost tasteless, not sure if this could have been avoided or at least substituted with seafood instead. However, given that it was on promotion, maybe that was inevitable.
** At that hour there were not many people, so perhaps the waiters were very attentive. Would have to go again when there's more people.

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