Monday, October 12, 2009

run for the nation 2009 p2

And true enough, I didn't sleep at all on Saturday. By the time I had replied to everyone's emails and made sure I jotted down all the important details for my team members, it was close to 1am.

Tossing and turning thinking about all the possible things that could happen during the run, I tried to psyche myself to sleep, telling myself that if I don't, I'd be a zombie the next day.

Just as I was almost about to feel sleepy, my mobile beeped. It was already 2:30am! O.M.G. I didn't even get to sleep at all!

I usually leave my alarm on snooze, thinking I could get myself some extra sleep since I don't wake up on the first ring anyways. This time I knew it would not do me any good since I never got to sleep in the first place. So got myself showered and washed up, reminding myself that this sacrifice would be for a greater good.

Alvin, our Team Driver did an excellent job breaking all the red lights delivering our runners to their destinations. The plan was to drop Eric off at a middle-of-nowhere-looking-place called Persiaran Bukit Rahman Putera in Sungai Buloh, then Judy at this road simply named "4/4c" near UTAR at Wangsa Maju, and Alex at UTM at Jalan Semarak, KL. All by 5am.

When I saw the map that was supposed to be used for Judy's team, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I must say it's cute, hand-drawn like that. I just wished I could find this location on Google Maps!

We managed to drop our drivers (except for Jacquelyn since her husband drove her to Bandar Utama) to their designated locations, except for Alex who was a bit late so he had to catch up with the 2nd team instead.

Alvin and I decided to get some breakfast and rest before the next deployment. Just as we were finishing home-cooked bacon and eggs, I got some calls from AMs needing extra help. Leaving the dishes in the sink, off we went again. I must say it was quite fun driving around in Klang Valley when there were barely no cars on the road. I wished it could be like this everyday. On weekdays.

Since Alvin was himself a runner, we decided that he would join Eric on the last lap of the race. So I took over his car and waved them goodbye as I made my way from Leisure Commerce Square at Sunway back to PJEFC. At 11am I was almost a zombie. But it was also at this point that I wished I had run along with them too! I guess the excitement finally got to me after watching all the various teams and their zeal in this run.

As I stood at the entrance of the church together with the rest to welcome the teams running in to the finishing line, I could see the looks of relief and joy on their faces, though tired and exhausted. It would have been more fun struggling like that, the satisfaction of having done something that pushes you to the limit and knowing it was for Him.

Even senior citizens like this uncle who said the last time he ran he was in school who was the only one left in his original team, but still managed to run up a slope under the hot sun. Kudos to all the runners and participants of Run for the Nation 2009!

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