Friday, October 23, 2009

karipap pusing

One spring afternoon we found ourselves craving for curry puffs, so we decided to make some ourselves. Just like how Imm had longed for Ramly burger bread (but surprisingly they don't sell such buns) and mantou and went ahead to just make them herself.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and so in this case, "craving is the mother of culinary creations"©. Hmm, I like that phrase.

Since it was initially Aishah's idea, she got to be the head chef, with us minions helping her out. Our recipe was taken from Zairul who coincidentally was working in Japan. So that means if they could make karipap pusing, we could very well do the same too. Malaysia Boleh!

Thus began what would be the first curry puffs in the Edogawabashi kitchen. 

Mix 350g flour with 1 cup lukewarm water with some salt. This will be dough A.

Mix 150g flour with some 1 tsp Crisco and some margarine to create a soft dough. This will be dough B.

Flatten 1 dough from A, and wrap around B. Repeat until all 5 balls look like this.

Cover them like siew pau, hong tau pau, or kaya pau, or any pau that you want to imagine them to be.

Take 1 dough and roll flat. Then roll alas swiss roll.

Then flatten again, then swiss roll again, this time lengthwise.

Repeat for the 4 remaining doughs. Take 1 swiss roll and cut into 1/2" slices. Roll flat again.
With so much rolling and kneading, curry puff makers need not go to gym to tone their arms.

Put the filling in the middle. Since we were amateurs obviously taking our time to do this, we had to cover the frying pan with a wet cloth so the filling would not dry up.

Don't laugh, the top one was my maiden attempt, and obviously it's handmade :) Practice makes perfect, as I strived to emulate Aishah's perfect folds.

Fry until golden brown. We had many strange shapes, as you can see from above. We definitely had more than enough curry puffs, so we decided to share them with our fellow Malaysian friends at the next day's outing at Chichibu.

I just realised this was my first curry puff after 3 years. Maybe more, I don't remember when was the last time I had these teatime snacks. 

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