Sunday, January 17, 2010

feet and flats

I'm happy to say that I'm now feeling much better. In fact the day after I took out the bandage and washed away the medicine, my foot had showed much improvement. In fact, that was the only improvement, other than the fact that the skin was slowly looking like normal instead of the brown wrinkly state it was.

I was talking to Ming & Geng and they said it's quite normal to still be a bit swollen, because I was quite concerned that my left foot seems a bit plump. I realised it when I was comparing it to my right and the veins did not appear as obvious as it usually would.

The upside is I get to wear flats at work, and sometimes sandals when commuting to work. It really helps when I don't get a seat in the train and I have to stand all the way to and from work.

Which brings me to my initial experience commuting to work.

My first few days were horrible because :
1) I was given a bulky laptop sling bag that I had to bring while traveling between my company and the client's, in addition to my own working bag.
2) I was wearing heels and skirt which are already a challenge when travelling by the train, on days when I have to stand all the way.
3) Balancing all these while commuting and walking from parking lot to station, then station to office puts unnecessary stress on the feet.

So I mailed my grrlfriends since they were more experienced in this laptop-toting than me. Even though none of them commute (actually I wouldn't have brought this up if I was driving to work), it still was helpful to hear their personal experiences.

Many suggested wearing something comfy while commuting, then changing to office shoes. Only problem, that would only add to the burden I was already carrying.

So in the end, combining their suggestions and improvising somewhat, I decided to leave the laptop at the office whenever possible, and bring spare shoes when I'm wearing heels to work. I'm really thankful that the security at the office is good, and we have our own desks and drawers so I can do all of the above.

So guess what I treated myself to on New Year's Day?

Yes, the hyped and much raved about Crocs. I was very reluctant to spend that much on a pair of flats this ordinary and plasticky looking. But if everyone has had good things to say about it, and since I've tried on Clarks and Hush Puppies, this seemed to be the better bet.

Ironically this was the very pair of shoes I was wearing on that fateful day. I say that because I've been asked if I was wearing heels when I fell =.="

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