Friday, December 04, 2009

running on reserves

Crunch time. This week concentrated on learning about the client and the complex processes and changes they've done to reach this stage, and thus requiring our services. Information overload, and additional workload which came from a sister organisation.

Next week more so when we have at least 2 conference calls coming up. Since it involves the UK and US, that means late nights again. Need to come up with a communications plan + presentation slide + postcard. All because the leadership team will be coming in 14-17.

Hosting Yuri who will be touching down in about 12 hours' time. She will be here for the upcoming APYAC conference. Staying with me for the whole week.

Another friend visiting from Australia next week too.

Plus a Malaysian couple from Japan whom I was supposed to meet last weekend at Ying's wedding will be down in Klang Valley. They were the first countrymen I met when I moved to Tokyo, so they're like my big senpai's.

And, taking my first JLPT 1 exams this Sunday, which will be for fun more than anything!

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