Tuesday, March 16, 2010

half-baked teacher

He had asked Dawn what my name was. Dawn said Sarah. He said no, there's a Chinese name. What's that "aunty"'s name?

No wonder he came to stand next to me, quietly waiting for me to acknowledge him.

Normally I would remind people that I'm not quite worthy to be called an "aunty" yet, "jie jie" would do, thankyouverymuch, my reasoning being "aunty"s are usually those who are married already >.< But this time, I was quite stunned for a bit.

I only found out about this little conversation after I had left Dawn's church.

When I first saw him at the drums, it brought back memories of us playing together in Junior Church. It was almost impossible getting the kids to help out at the instruments, even though we did try to provide training. Being brought up in a family that helps out at church, it was a delight to have him on board. Now his family is serving in another church, his father very much involved and a big part of it.

I was one of the teachers in the 7-9 age group, and he was already a well-brought up kid then. That was some 4 years ago, and I did not expect any of the kids to remember me after I had left for Japan.

All of these kids have grown taller, some I can't even recognise. I was surprised when I caught some familiar faces, and a few smiled. The polite thing would be to smile back as I scrambled to recall which kid this was back then!

So anyways, this kid Matthew, much taller and bigger but still the same genius at the drums just like his dad, was obviously an expert for his age. I heard he also serves in the other outreach church for their services.

I felt so happy and proud at the same time; happy that he actually remembered his half-baked teacher (I have a long way to go before I call myself a teacher!) from those years back, and proud that he's grown up to be so well-mannered and using his talents for His kingdom.

And to think that kids don't give a d@mn about who their teachers are and what they learn in classes!

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Lol! Aunty! :-P