Sunday, March 21, 2010

たっぷり茸のクリームパスタソース mushroom cream sauce

I've almost forgotten how convenient Japanese foodstuff was until one late night I got hungry and wanted something quick and easy. Opening the fridge I saw a container of extra spaghettini.

I could have eaten it with the previous night's seafood in tomato but decided to go with something different. Looking around the kitchen larder I found this pack of cream pasta sauce that I had bought from the local Daiso 100yen shop some time back.

Actually, cooking Japanese food out of Japan like how it's supposed to be done just doesn't feel the same. I almost thought I would have no use for some of the foodstuff I had bought on a whim just for the sake of nostalgia.

When I was rushing for lunch between classes or after a long day at work, I would use a lot of these instant food because they were in abundance and in many variety. One of the first few I had tried was the Japanese curry which came with meat, potatoes and carrot and all you needed to do was just to heat it up and pour it over piping hot rice.

So anyways, I only had less than half an hour and so this mushroom sauce came in really handy and in the right amount for the pasta I had. Eating it brought back memories of those instant food days in Japan! >.<

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