Thursday, May 06, 2010

ヒューンと薔薇 hyun and roses

お誕生日オメデトウ御座います、ヒューンちゃん!( ^^)Y☆Y(^^ )

A toast to Hyunhee's birthday which falls today, though I wish I could be there to celebrate with her.

She is one of the loveliest friends ever. Even though we're no longer hanging out like how we used to, I thank God for blessing me with her friendship in Tokyo. She would treat me to meals during those difficult months last year, even though she didn't need to.

She's such a grrly grrl that she fits well into the Japanese culture - she has frilly tops, lacy umbrellas and adores everything sweet and delicate.

Just when I thought I wouldn't have anymore sweet little things from Japan, I received a parcel from her a few weeks after my birthday.

Out came this chicken paper bag.

In it were these 2 snacks - macha flavoured nuts and 塩おかき* salty snacks which I loved! I am totally fine with Japanese cuisine especially since most flavouring revolves around the savoury.

Then came another flat packet with a simple pink ribbon ala AIDS Pink Ribbon style. I couldn't help but smile at the little details that Japanese packaging comes with, no matter how simple they look.

When I used to shop for gifts in Niigata, even the cheapest item could still be gift-wrapped and all it needed was just a strip of ribbon and sticker for a finishing touch that transforms a boring wrapping into a thoughtful one.

I couldn't help but get excited as I saw the little applique butterfly on the embroidered handkerchief. Another Japanese accessory that is a must for ladies. Very useful during summertime so that you can do the refined thing of dabbing gently at beads of sweat that falls down the face.

And more goodies to delight the senses. Since it was nearing spring then, and she must know how I missed the four-seasons there, she added some sakura stickers and cherry blossom "guest soaps" for good measure.

The postcard that she wrote me can only be sent from Hyun because the roses and lace are just so her! See if you can spot the Eiffel Tower in there. Now this really reminded me of Paris and all the lovely memories of a romantic city.

* 御欠き; 御 【おかき】 (n)  (uk) mochi cut thin, dried, and baked or fried


classyadele said...

now everyone knows where u live, sarah. u gotta be careful bout these things...

§nóflèk said...

thanks so much adele! how could i have not realised that *smacks head*