Friday, May 21, 2010

two-faced sky

I sometimes take the LRT to work, though it's not actually better than the Komuter because it's further and I have to go through even more traffic to reach the Kelana Jaya station. The only consolation is that the trains are much more frequent and they actually arrive on time.

With the krazy weather these days, it can be scorching hot in the afternoons and rain heavily in the evening that there's no point checking the weather forecast anymore. You just gotta be prepared with an umbrella at all times.

So imagine my surprise when I reached the station quite late almost reaching 7pm and the sky is not yet dark. It's like a little treat when you find the sun still up, it feels as if you still have time to do many things before you retire.

As I stood at the parking lot enjoying the evening sky, I noticed the unique position I was at.

On my left it looked like a late afternoon blue sky.

Whereas on my right quite the opposite with bright contrasts as the sun sets down in the west.


SL said...

hey must be so bored at work or simply just amazed with the weather... we are entering winter here soon. By 6pm, it is total dark already... -dark and cold :( felt like the day is so short!

sarah said...

hehe more of me appreciating nature esp when malaysians are killing the ones that we have here in the name of development! i just found the contrast in the sky amazing :)