Tuesday, May 18, 2010

molten fingers

Last year the client I'm based at invited us for their Christmas party. They really treated us like one of them, even though we're not their staff. One big reason why I really like this client. Save for salary and benefits, almost everything else that a permanent employee get, contractors and vendors get too. That's how D&I* they are.

They hired the services of Wax Hand Union to provide gifts for us to bring back. It was quite an experience having my hand soaked in freezing cold water then dipped multiple times into hot wax.

After leaving the wax on the hand for about a couple of minutes, they would skilfully slip it out, attach a base and package into a box for us. I was quite happy because the sign I was trying to make with my fingers turned out pretty well.

I had left the box with the wax into one of our showcase cabinets at home, and hadn't bothered to look at it until recently. To my surprise, the wax had melted and lost its original shape! In fact, it almost looked like a disfigured sculpture.

In comparison, this was my original love pose. (In case you didn't know, this is the sign language for "I Love You") See how distorted it has become and you have an idea how much heat our modern houses are capable of retaining @.@

* D&I = Diversity & Inclusion

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