Tuesday, May 25, 2010

registered, finally

The other Sunday I had invited Chernie to visit my church as Wes was scheduled to fly to Belgium that weekend.

So happened they had invited the SPR to set up booths so that those who have yet to register as voters (ahem, like me!) could do so. I was quite happy that they took the initiative to bring the SPR to us, as I had never found the time to go to the post office myself.

Well, during the first time I was eligible to vote, I never had much interest, not to mention knowledge, about the country's politics. All that changed when I left to further my studies and found myself catching up news on the happenings of the country, which sounded more like a circus and its clowns because of its entertainment value.

So I was quite unhappy to find that I was not allowed to vote out of the country in what was to be the tsunami that changed the political tide of Malaysia. Plus, it was my birthday, so it was a momentous date, to say the least. So I told myself I would get myself registered once I come back.

The process was so simple that it took less than 5 minutes. Chernie was there to support me, and she was so happy that I was finally registered. What we didn't know was that there were newspaper reporters taking pictures of the whole thing, and I was surprised to find that we appeared in The Star Metro a few days after!

See if you can spot us here :

Update 28 May 2010 : The last I checked on the electoral roll, there was no record of my registration...?!


David Costa said...

right side, you're sitting :)
say hi to Chern Yen!

SL said...

same here ( i spotted this without see the comment from David) --- right hand side, sitting down- the one with black top.

Thomas Hoo said...

good..the next general election will be even more dramatic, I think. Make sure you vote for the right candidate.

p.s. My first voting experience was on March 8 2008. It was really fantastic and the rest is history.

§nóflèk said...

bingo guys! :) i guess i look too obvious even from afar!

thomas - you bet i'm looking fwd to being able to vote nx round!