Saturday, August 21, 2010

fallen flowers

With leaves to clear but still on a project, I had to stagger my holidays, taking Mondays and Fridays last week and the next. While cleaning the room, I remembered that I was supposed to bring my new toy out because I saw some fallen flowers the weekend before.

There used to be these pink and white flowers all along the trees lining the main road. For some reason, only a few of them bloomed this time around. It didn't help that the weather has been going bonkers lately.

After a long period of raining, some of them were blown away and rested on the cars parked opposite the houses. It looked quite dramatic then, though not as much as it would have been had there been more flowers, but imagine having a wedding car like that. 

Reminded me of spring last year when we experienced the hanafubuki. This is prolly the closest I'll get to seeing those dancing petals.

Since the car hadn't moved for days, it had accumulated quite a bit of those flowers and I had a bit of fun trying out my new toy. Even caught one stuck midway on the side of this black sedan. 


classyadele said... ppl know where u live, and which car to steal :) LOL

§nóflèk said...

haha ya exactly my reason for posting this! :p but seriously, thanks for pointing it out :)

neil said...

Nice shots!

Haha... don't worry about "disclosing" your location. The shots don't show much. I don't think I can find my way to your house (to steal your car or whatever), and I'd been there once! But then, that's just me :P

§nóflèk said...

thanks dear!
btw, that black sedan belongs to someone from some house who's been irritating some people on that street :p