Sunday, January 23, 2011

of butterflies and paper cut-outs

The past few weeks have been nothing short of hectic, and with little respite in the near future, I was glad for any form of distraction that could help in de-stressing.

This morning's game of badminton followed by scrumptious banana leaf lunch and a relaxing facial session were very much welcomed. Not to mention I finally got a package from Japan which was a belated Christmas gift.

It came stuffed with newspapers - so now I get to keep abreast of the entertainment scene in Nippon.

Inside the box was a pink cooler bag with an embroidered butterfly on the cover. Yuri thought it would be a good idea in case I wanted to bring food around in our hot and humid weather. For me, I thought this would be cute as a camera bag instead >.<

I didn't know you can find so many butterfly-themed products in Japan! I'm hard-pressed to locate a fraction of these pwetty stuff here.

There was also this book which teaches you to do paper cut-outs of various patterns and shapes, think it came in the right time for CNY! Maybe a new hobby could help in taking my mind off certain things...

Just when you thought they'd run out of flavours to incorporate into their KitKat, the Japanese have come up with a special Niigata edition pear-flavoured confectionary. Guess the cooler bag came in handy, else I'd have a couple of melted chocolate biscuits in the parcel.

When Yuri asked me what I wanted  for Christmas, I told her not to bother with anything because all I wanted was a scheduler. Even if she had sent me only this, I would have gladly TT-ed the $ over! When you have something as pwetty as this, you wouldn't wanna go back to normal organisers or even the digital kinds anymore.


LY said...

And i was wondering how come the kit-kat was not melted if it was sent all the way from the Land of Rising Sun

classyadele said...

LOL Some of these designs are so purddyyy....reminds me of the cupcakes i often see sold at bakeries - so purddyyy sampai takda hati mau makan... lol

oh god, my BM is so awful.

§nóflèk said...

LY : i guess the sun over there ain't so hot after all :p but seriously, even without the cooler bag, all the other kitkats arrived in almost-perfect condition!

classyadele : i know, so cantik right?? u can think of anything and you'd have the japanese prettify it for you! miss those stuff there :) btw, ur bm's still intact leh.