Saturday, January 08, 2011

that anyone

Just as I was trying to scan for familiar faces and a place to sit, Ps R came in not long after and stood next to me. He asked if I had just arrived. I gave him a smile while anticipating more questions. He asked me why I was late. The countdown service had started few hours before, and there I was 1 hour before countdown. I told him I was having dinner. He asked if I had dinner with someone. I replied, I had dinner at home.

That must've sounded queer to him, and probably to anyone else who'd ask me the same question. Cannot be, your mum is at church*, and so is your dad, argued Ps R who didn't believe I had dinner at home. Not wanting to argue nor defend, I just looked ahead at where the performers were.

He started to form his own conclusions. What happened to someone, he asked.

Since he was so keen in getting some answers, I decided to word play with him. Well, I had lunch with someone. Oh, why didn't someone come to church with you, he asked further. Sometimes with people who are so persistent, any answer would suit them, as long as you said something, just so they'd stop asking. I said, well, that someone had something to do.

But just to be sure he didn't get any funny ideas, I added, someone could be anyone! That seemed to have satisfied his curiosity, because he said it would be his pleasure to meet that someone some day. To which I answered, it would be my pressure just so that you can have that pleasure of meeting that someone!

* My parents attend the Chinese church which is at another building also in PJ.

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