Sunday, March 20, 2011

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Even though I was busy at work, and also tasked with organising a get-together for the client, I tried to keep abreast with news on Japan.

Can't help but feel helpless whenever I hear of the latest development. Seems like the bad news just don't stop : earthquake, tsunami, problematic nuclear plant, blizzard.

I remember visiting Iwate prefecture where Prof Komiya's retirement home was, back in March 2009. Though not as popular a tourist destination as the Kanto and Kansai regions, the Tohoku region is blessed with natural beauty.

Plenty of powder snow during winter, and even blizzards in March, just like on the day before I arrived from Tokyo. I can only imagine the misery the survivors must be going through at times like this if I myself had to bundle up even indoors.

I dropped another email to Prof Komiya to let him know we were keeping Japan in our prayers. I asked if his wife would be staying on in light of recent development at the nuclear plant.

Dear Sarah:

 Thanks a lot.
Our major concern is stabilization of nuclear power generation station.
If they have been exploded, it is worst.

Of course, I will call back Takiko to Malaysia in advance.

BTW, are you going to join Japan Club?
If so would you please let me know because you need two Japanese recommendation.



While I wasn't surprised at his prompt reply, I was quite amused that despite the disasters hitting his homeland, he still remembered my interest in joining the Japan Club!

Idyllic Iwate
Idyllic Iwate P2
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