Tuesday, March 01, 2011

glico fruitia

I was told that the cabs in Thailand are pretty much reliable and not too expensive. So after the ride on the Airport Rail Link to the Makkasan station in the city, I got a cab to bring me to the serviced apartment that was to be my accommodation.

Known for their horrendous traffic jams, I was curious as to how bad it could be. I guess I was enjoying the graffiti on the wall to be bothered by the slow moving traffic.

The crawl allowed me to enjoy the ride, as opposed to being in a train for the first time in foreign country and having to figure out the next stop. It feels like luxury to have all the space in the cab with my bags, as I'm so used to backpacking and using public transportation most of the time!

At one of the junctions where we stopped by for quite some time, and the driver was beginning to mumble something about the traffic, some colourful activities at the side caught my attention. I thought these were good looking demonstrators, and was curious to see what they were up to, with the placards and coordinated clothes.

So this was my first encounter with hot Thai babes - they were obviously promoters giving out something to the drivers who were stuck there. I've been to Jakarta and saw young peddlers trying to sell cigarettes and toys, so I was cautiously curious as to what this group would try to sell.

She passed a packet to my cab driver, and I just politely smiled back at her, not knowing whether to accept her "gift", as I didn't even know what it was! She was nice enough to smile for the camera. 

After she walked on to the next car, I thought maybe I should have just took up her offer. Feeling a bit regretful, a bunch walked over, and this time the driver winded down the window for me, and this grrl handed me a packet of what they were passing around.

Turned out to be lychee-flavoured mint drops. Quite cool for a welcome gift to the Land of Smiles eh? :)

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