Wednesday, March 30, 2011

alexis at gardens

The last time I met up with IreneQ was last month, exactly on the day I got my new toy. We joked about how busy we were until we only meet once a year.

This year counts as an improvement, because the 2nd time we met was for my birthday, and it's only the 1st quarter of the year. She asked me to choose where I would like to eat since she didn't get me any gift! Since I have yet to try Alexis at the Gardens, I wondered if it would be a good choice.

IreneQ seemed to be in as hearty a mood to try out new food, and I was surprised she went along the idea of ordering an appetizer, 2 mains and a dessert to share between the both of us.

The salad nicoise looked too pretty to be mere salad. In fact, at first glance the presentation of seared sashimi tuna, haricot vert, kalamata olives & soft boiled egg looked more like dessert.

My red miso cod came in the right portion. Pan seared and served with toasted roma toasted roma tomatoes and haricot vert, it had the right balance of taste and texture.

So the salad had haricot vert, and now the cod. A quick google search showed that it's the french name for green beans. The foreign version does make it look more chic on the menu compared to the humble bean eh?

Since she was in the mood for duck, IreneQ ordered the slow roasted duck magret. Served with petit orange and fennel salad, the tangy fruit complemented the bird really well. I liked how the sauce was just right in bringing the dish together.

We ended the feast (or so I thought, since the next table kept eyeing at our food) with a slice of chocolate berries meringue. My first meringue at Alexis Ampang gave me a good impression of their cakes, and we were not disappointed with this too.

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