Saturday, March 26, 2011

t forty two at empire

So I promised Sheryl I'd put up pictures of our afternoon tea, but I had to first download them from my new toy. This belated birthday treat was spent at T forty two, an open-concept cafe specialising in classical French cuisine.

Based out of Ms Read in Empire Shopping Gallery, it was their quirky decor and mismatched cutleries that got me attracted. For Sheryl, she just had to have her macaroons.

Since we wanted to savour a bit of everything, we ordered the afternoon tea for two set which came in an assortment of dainty pastries and delectable desserts. Even though Esther tagged along, we still found it quite a tall order to finish all of them.

Since their parents were in the area, we invited them to sit down, sip some tea and caught up a bit. It's wonderful to see family friends living in the same area, we were quite the neighbours and church friends back during the days when we were based in Kelantan.

So these looked almost like titbits which you can gulp down, but the sandwiches were really quite filling! We had choices of cucumber+creamcheese+chives, smoked salmon with wasabi mascarpone and egg mayo with watercress.

The middle tray were scones served with butter and boysenberry jam. The upper tray were filled with French macaroons, truffles, lemon cream tart and something that looked more like a kuih bahulu!

I enjoyed my gorgeous geisha tea, though I made the mistake of adding milk into it! Even though I tried to drink it with just cubes of brown sugar, the residual milk had left a milky aftertaste to an otherwise recommended tea.

We walked over to Ms Read to see if there were any other decadent confectionery that we could try the next time around.

I heard they serve these throughout the day (and night), and not just for tea time. There you go, in case you have food pangs in the middle of the night. Like me!


licheng said...

Where is this? Subang?

§nóflèk said...

yup, its one of the newer and higher-end mall just diagonally opposite subang parade. but because it's not that big, we call it a community mall lol