Tuesday, May 17, 2011

pantry sense

After more than a year of working at the client's I have unconsciously learnt their mannerisms.

Was just at the pantry filling up the thermos when I realised Mr Abadi coming in to fill his water tumbler, so I greeted him. My back was facing him, and I didn't turn to look around.

He was naturally surprised that I recognised him, thinking perhaps it may have been the footsteps that gave him away.

So he asked how I knew. I said it was my 6th sense.

What he didn't know was that the orange panel behind the water dispenser was glossy enough to act as a reflector. It's definitely not a mirror, but it reflects enough light just to show the silhouette of anyone who walks past it.

I just get a kick out of seeing people's reaction when I greet them without even turning to see their face.

So don't tell them our little secret ;)


classyadele said...

muahahahha it's like "MAGIC"! LOL
Nx time, scare them even more by saying that u can guess what colour shirt they're wearing :-) Bet some money on it, and Im sure u'll emerge with a bit of winnings on the side at the end of the day!

§nóflèk said...

it really works everytime i do that. they must think i'm psychic keke :D too bad the panel is orange, coz everything i see is orangey, so a bit hard to guess the colour though!