Saturday, May 28, 2011


Just when I thought I was about to explode with all that stress around me, and all I wanted to do after a tough week was to curl up in bed, I was prompted to go for cell tonight.

Since I was helping out, I felt a bit uneasy as my mind was not really focused. In the midst of trying to get a quick bite I felt like catching up on the book "You Were Made For More". This was actually on loan from Hyun but somehow ended up in Malaysia with me because I never got the chance to read it when I was still in Japan.

In between entertaining the kids from my mum's cell, and quickly finishing up the soup I only managed to cover a few pages. But those few pages was enough to remind me that despite life's struggles we should remember to thank God for His blessings.

As cliche as this sound, it would do us well to recall the good things He has put in our lives and how He has carried us through in the past. If God has done that for me before, He will continue to be with me even through today's trials.

I almost wanted to slap myself because it was really silly of me to forget this simple fact. And even so that I have experienced His goodness over and over in really down times and yet here I was, never allowing Him to be in control thinking I could do it myself.

Cell tonight was centred around Job chapters 20 through 28; we did a bible study on those verses. One of the summary points brought back the same message about trusting God. In the midst of difficulties, sometimes we lose ourselves in the middle of all that's happening. We may complain and grumble about it, but as long as we don't submit to Him, those problems will always seem bigger than Him.

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