Thursday, January 19, 2012

smudge and blow

Going on a trip with pro photographers have somehow taught me quite a bit, especially on this recent Middle Eastern tour. Them having taken prolly millions of shots by now, having upgraded their tools multiple times and boasting of pictures that garner instant likes on fb; it's quite a privilege indirectly learning from them.

The types of pictures to take, what to look out for, different angles to take shots from. Also, tools of the trade which are a must.

Since Jordan can be dusty, whatwith about 75% of it being desert, I saw both of them taking out 2 black tools many a time. They seemed to be dusting and blowing away what would be fine sand off the filters and lenses. Even the nooks and crevices around the camera itself.

Being curious, I asked to try out and realised how useful these were. Feeling a bit paiseh that I had to keep borrowing theirs everyday, I determined to get one myself when I came back home.

Well, I didn't have to wait long, because we saw and bought some at our stopover at Dubai.

So now I have 2 additions to my D5000 - the lenspen and blower.

I know that once I started this hobby, I'd have to eventually spend more $ on the accessories and tools. Not to mention upgrades and other "necessary" stuff later. >.<

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