Friday, January 20, 2012

that flash mob

I don't remember having any problems while flying with our national carrier. Some people may wish the prices of their flights were cheaper, but once you understand the business model of supposedly low-cost carriers, you might prefer to go with full service airlines with more reliable service and flexible options.

My flights back home via MAS while I was in Japan were rather pleasant, though I think the food could have been improved somehow. So even though regionally their competitors like CX and SQ fare better in various areas, hearing cases of bias treatment towards non-Asians, and after being disappointed by the local underdog, I still think it's worth supporting our national airlines for what it's worth.

Too bad I reached Malaysia a few days earlier, if not would have been a delightful surprise to get this on arrival.

For what they've gone through and what they've been called because they're a GLC and had its fair share of criticisms, at least they're trying to re-brand themselves and improve on their services. Since it's not always a bad thing to have some competition in the field, which customers like us are the beneficiaries of, I hope they do continue to be better at what they do just so we can all enjoy a higher quality of service in this country.

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