Wednesday, January 18, 2012

transitioning between the years

It feels quite strange to be back. It felt like I didn't really close off 2011 properly before coming into 2012. Perhaps it's because I was "trapped" in the desert during that transition and wasn't amidst the cheering crowds in big cities all over the world with the fireworks and lots of drinks and revelry. Nor at church at thanksgiving services with everyone else sharing their testimonies of how God has blessed them through the year.

I flew to Jordan and the UAE right after Christmas, making that a total of 5 countries traveled last year. 4 new ones, and I'd like to make the Middle East a new region visited, nevermind that it's not a continent of its own!

When I started 2011, I only had eyes for the trip I paid for the previous year, Bangkok. USA was not entirely confirmed then, given that project needs had the possibility of derailing that opportunity. Bali was quite a last minute project treat, and the Middle East was an idea by a colleague.

I must admit, I'm still feeling a bit surreal looking back at all those traveling I did last year, even though it was the busiest working year for me. This is something I have to thank God for.

Not all were smooth sailing though; I almost lost my luggage during the transit at San Francisco and was struggling with training and work at the same time, the flight to Bali got delayed, and there were some personality clashes this last trip.

But I'm glad I left and came back safely, there were no real lost of belongings and more importantly no bodily injury. I'm still grateful for all those opportunities to travel abroad, especially in today's circumstances. I'd like to believe God provided in various ways, even though it will be a long while before I make another long trip again.

Since I'm off projects for now, and am having a bit of down time, I'm taking it easy before the madness begins all over again. It's been a good time of reflection, and thinking through about what has happened last year, and how I'd like to do things better this year.

I know I have almost given up on making resolutions, preferring to practice continuous improvement (that's a jargon from my line of work!) instead. That way, they're more manageable, broken down into chunks at various times through the year, instead of having a long list that may need need constant monitoring to ensure its success.

More importantly, I'd like to start by thanking God for the year that has been, despite the peaks and troughs, and especially for seeing me through more than I realised. And because of these lessons learnt (oops, another one!), I have to try to at least make things better in some of these areas one way or the other, so that I don't make the same mistakes this year.

I haven't had a feel of how 2012 will be, but by setting the right expectations and learning to wholly depend on Him who has brought me through 2012, I'm learning that the journey would be more bearable and more meaningful.

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