Thursday, April 12, 2012


It's been quite a week. It feels like something's enveloping, but I dare not expect anything more. Telling myself not to count the chicks before they hatch.

Just that this annoying sore throat has been bugging me from last month. The virus is stronger than I thought, even after few rounds of meds and self-prescribed pills and plenty of warm water.

Oh well, I'll accept whatever this week brings with gratitude, even if they don't amount to anything. I guess I'll just be a good grrl, stay at home as much as possible to nurse this throat, settle any outstanding errands from my to-do list, and hope everything works out fine.


neil said...

I find that freshly-squeezed lemon juice with some honey and warm water, first thing in the morning, soothes incredibly, and promotes faster recovery. Get well soon, Sno! :)

§nóflèk said...

hey dear, thanks for the tip! why didn't i think of that? i guess i just needed someone to remind me~ so i made some warm honey lemon this morning (though after breakfast coz i was hungry already!), and i'm feelin much better now!! strange it kinda works better than my trusty redoxon :p

LY Leong said...

Natural medication is better. See u later tonight, tiger.