Wednesday, March 31, 2004

of ice-creams and aphrodisiacs

For as long as I can remember, we've always had ice-cream in the fridge. I grew up eating ice-cream after dinner, on hot summer (which is all year round in Malaysia) days, and sometimes as special treats.

So it was kinda weird when I had friends from uni over and they marvelled at the variety of ice-cream that was arranged in the freezer compartment. Sometimes we had ais krim potong (the kind that is eaten from a satay stick), ice-cream from a tub, ice-cream in cones and those that you have to slice (like Wall's Vienetta). But always, some form of ice-cream would be there.

Ice-cream would be on the shopping list whenever we ran out of supply. Ice-cream would greet us whenever we opened the fridge door. Ice-cream was especially delicious when sprinkled with raisins, corn flakes, chocolate rice and even oatmeal.

I watched in amusement as my friends slurped and enjoyed every bit of the ice-cream. Suddenly ice-cream looked like luxury. A form of treat that my family have been indulging for years. It wasn't the Haagen Daaz type or those that you slowly eat because you traded your gold for it. But just normal ones like cendol & red bean ice-cream, Cornetto Cookies & Cream and the latest see-through-tub Green Tea from Wall's.

I think I shall treat myself to some later... :))

By the way, Cornetto is promoting their Aphrodisiac Limited Edition range of dairy ice-creams, namely : Mint-Choc Chick Magnet, Coffee Come on Baby, and Vanilla Love Potion. Check out their "What's your ultimate aphrodiziac?" quiz.

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