Monday, September 13, 2004

npe woes

Traffic in Subang has reached an all-time high. Work on the 2nd phase of NPE (New Pantai Expressway) is in full swing. For some months now, they have been cutting down the nice shady trees lining the main roads. After that, it was the bunch of trees huddled together in green corners. Later, the smaller shrubs got chopped off as well.

When I first moved in to Subang, I very much liked the idea that it was a green residential area. Lots of trees along the roads, flowering plants in strategic areas and carefully manicured leafy ones all over the suburb. It actually is a nice place to stay, even if it meant being further from the office. I would look forward to the drive home, because the greens made the traffic more bearable.

Now, I see all these living things disappearing one by one. All within weeks. I didn't know they were that serious about the NPE. I mean, I see the big signboard there stating that they would extend the highway from the Sunway area to Subang, but for the first 2 years when I was there, no work was being done yet. I was quietly hoping that somehow someone would protest and it would not get the green light.

After all, there is no guarantee that this would solve the Subang traffic woes. When the first phase of NPE was completed, traffic was diverted from Federal Highway, making driving more bearable. Some people were willing to pay the double RM1.60 toll to shave off the 30 mins it takes to travel from Subang to KL. For people like me who do not get travel allowances, I can only afford to take the NPE on Fridays. Seems that people only go home on Fridays, coz on other weekdays, traffic ain't so bad!

And you know what I heard? This 2nd phase of the NPE, which is creating havoc and nightmare for Subang residents (especially those coming from USJ), will stretch on till 2006! I cannot imagine going through this everyday for another 2 years. But I can imagine a certain minister laughing his way to the bank. RM3.20 for the luxury of reaching KL in 10 minutes. Multiply that with the number of cars passing through this highway per day. I think I shall have to start finding a job which is nearer to home, or consider telecommuting :P

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