Tuesday, June 14, 2011

another break?

It's a little more than 10 days counting down. Just when I thought about this trip last year, it seemed so far away. Though I did plot down after CNY to start checking on flights and take my time preparing for it.

Little did I know I'd be roped in for another project, with my earlier roll off date pushed back from June to December. Now I'm in the middle of quite a peak period, and stress levels are at an all-time high :(

These past few weeks have been a lot of about office politics, lack of resources, too much nit-picking by stakeholders and the initial settling in for the new team members. Being pragmatic, I just want to get things done, but are hampered by factors beyond my control.

In the midst of the early weeks of project kick off, I was trying to get a single list of to-do from colleagues who've been there but came back with various opinions. Flights were reserved in advance, but I was getting worried that the visa application would be plagued with all sorts of paperwork.

Knowing how strict airlines are these days, whatmore airport security, I had to double and triple check that I had everything covered. After many weeks of running around getting various forms filled, photo taken, fees paid, and letters verified, I finally secured an interview with the embassy early last week.

There were a series of queues to go through, which took almost 2 hours. The interview itself went by in a breeze, in fact was over in a couple of minutes! I'm glad I didn't get the other guy who seemed quite strict but courteous.

The one who interviewed me looked kinda Japanese with Koizumi's salt-and-pepper lion hair, but spoke with an American accent. He basically asked which company I was attached with, what purpose I was travelling for, what I had studied in my previous course, and whether I was single >.<

With that, he gave me the approval that I would have my visa within 3 working days. That was fast! I had to make my dad wait at home for the courier in case they arrived earlier, so I was really relieved when they sent it over on Friday.

Hope all goes well with the rest of the things on my checklist. And of course, that nagging feeling at work that I may still have to check emails when I'm away @.@


lala said...

going to the US?

SiowLan-Ally said...

What?still need to chk office email while you are away on holiday?are u serious?just put in your out of office msg that you have NO email access and put your colleague's contact.

§nóflèk said...

lala : the answer will be revealed in due time - don't wanna jinx my own trip :D

Ally : well, the 1st week will be company training so i will be checking emails, but the 2nd week will be a break which i badly need so i hope they don't bug me lor...