Tuesday, June 24, 2014

grit ain't over but it's okay

For the past few weeks I have been attending Ako-san's house church. They had welcomed me without asking questions, and for that I found refuge.

Due to the incident last month, I was not comfortable attending KBF. It was a really small matter, misunderstood and blown out of proportion. I suspect there is a deeper root from this lady's past which was not resolved, and somehow manifested itself through unmet expectations.

It happened amongst a handful of us, but I became the target of her anger. She started writing negative and hurtful messages on my FB, I was so shocked I had to block her. Later I found out she continued spreading lies, I started to think that everyone else would believe her.

As I prayed about the matter to God, I decided to trust Him that truth would prevail. I didn't defend myself on FB, neither did I attempt to counter-reply her posts. I was comforted when my closest friends heard and understood my side of the story. They agreed that her reaction was more than shocking, and it was not fair of her to accuse me.

I was prompted to return to KBF last weekend. Dragging my feet, I wondered what I would do if I met her at church. My wild imagination imagined the worst!

I did bump into her, but she didn't say anything. I was a bit puzzled, given that my friends told me she had been looking for me past few weeks.

Since I have been away some time, it was really nice to see everyone again. The church is really like a hospital; there are many hurting people inside. No one is perfect, each of us have our baggages from the past. Only He can heal our past hurts, if we would acknowledge and allow Him to.

Yumiko asked me to join her and her friend for dinner. Even though I had spent the entire afternoon with her the day before, I was very comforted by her love and support. She even said she would protect me if I had to speak to that lady.

Last night, she sent me this picture we took at the Vietnamese restaurant we tried out. What she wrote was simple, but meant a lot to me :

Hi Sarah!
Welcome home!
God is goooood!

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