Wednesday, June 04, 2014

my crude roots

I guess there is hope for China after all. I actually teared up, and felt a little proud of my roots.

I know this is kinda stereotype, but who better to be able to say this without being racist, other than an ethnic Chinese! I can understand why some people label Chinese as rude, crass and lack of manners, because I've personally encountered the obnoxious Chinese, be it in my home country, or any other countries I've been to.

While a part of me cringes at the thought that I'm kinda related to them, another part of me wishes I could be more Chinese. Ironically, even though I've visited Hong Kong and Macau, I have never stepped foot on mainland China.

I told my colleague, who was helping another with his travel to Xi'an, that I wished I didn't have to be subjected the same visa application process as he did. If only there was such thing as a "descendant special pass", I'd gladly hop on a plane and visit the land of my ancestors.


Sirilak said...

Let's do a trip to China together! It must be fun having your company :D

Sirilak said...

Let's do a trip to China! I must be fun having your company :D

§nóflèk said...

@sirilak yes that would be a lovely idea actually. after all you're ethnic chinese too right? tell me when!!