Thursday, June 19, 2014

port island beach p1

I was awed at the "beach" they introduced me last weekend. Since it was lovely weather to be out, they decided to do a picnic at the Kobe Gakuin University grounds. Very sunny but with lots of summer breeze.

Japan is not known for beaches, though its a nation made up of many many islands. Okinawa is an exception, so it's probably the only prefecture I'd like to visit one day.

So when Ako-san brought us to the campus grounds, I was surprised to see such a place existed on Port Island. Facing the port city on mainland, with an excellent view of all the tourist attractions and what Kobe is known for, the only thing missing is real sand. It's almost like Gurney Drive with embankment surrounding the campus grounds.

Even the pictures we took looked like something out of a beach resort. In fact, this was the University's cafeteria patio.

Ako-san who was using my phone camera for the first time accidentally pressed the video button.

I can't stop looking at the pictures we took. Just seeing the coconut trees make me wanna get away on a beach holiday soon.

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