Saturday, March 28, 2015

journey into jordan : wadi rum

I know it's been some time I posted about Jordan, and I had meant to continue on them after posting on Madaba and Petra. Recently I tried to enter the KLM photo competition since I had just come back from Europe on it. Too bad I had already missed the dateline, but it made me recall some of the breathtaking scenes I had seen.

We climbed up the rocks at "Lawrence's Spring", the watering hole for camels. This was our first stop on the guided desert tour on a 4x4.

It felt like being on a different planet altogether. Perhaps Mars looked like this, with all the red sand? I'd never seen so much sand in my life before, very used to tropical greenery had made me appreciate the flora and fauna back home.

We were able to spend some time climbing the many sand dunes in the desert and just gaze around us in awe.

Our tour guide-cum-driver must be so used to seeing all his tourists taking too many shots of the same thing.

Halfway through the tour, he'd create fire, lit up a worn black kettle and proceeded to make tea to serve us. It would be one of the best tea I'd had. We were still trying to figure out what made the tea so ... addictive. We'd never have enough of it, though one might think it's like your regular black tea.

Just stopping by all these rock formations made me imagine the many million years of erosion and natural elements that shaped them to be so.

I particularly liked this one. I call it "The Standing Turtle Pooping".

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